• Skin White Natural Beautifier
  • Skin White Natural Beautifier

Skin White Natural Beautifier

RM279.00 MYR


Skin White serves to beautify dull and gloomy skins that appear covered in shadow. Helps to bring out the glow on the skin while it works to promote brighter and livelier skin. Suitable for sensitive skin types.

1) It helps to aid on uneven skin tone, age spots, freckles and overall lightening complexion.
2) Helps to promote skin metabolism.
3) Promotes cell regeneration and be able to reconstruct elastic fibers in the tissues, restoring skin elasticity.
4) Anti-inflammatory property that soothes dry and irritated skin.
5) Hydrates and moisturize your skin after using Skin White Concentrate.


Wash face and dry. Apply on enire face, repeating on affected areas. Use day and night.

Nett Weight 30g
Suitable For Skin Type Pigmented Skin, Aging Skin, Sensitive Skin