About Us

Established in 1995, Figureline Marketing Sdn Bhd, carries a wide range of skin care products under the brand name Figureline and Advans+K. The company is operated by a group of experienced professionals consisting of dermatologists and beauty specialist whom had been providing effective skin treatment services as early as 1980. With good understanding and experience together with first hand knowledge on salon skin treatment had inspired the creation of Figureline salon skin treatment services and Figureline skin care products in 1995.

Apart from our exclusive chain of outlets under the name Figureline Beauty Shop, the company has appointed dealers and agents throughout the country together with hundreds of beauty salons been retailers. Our products have reached the shores of numerous countries including Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.

Our unique salon skin treatment techniques developed through years of first hand experience and research had proven to offer effective remedies in skin treatment.   
The result-oriented combinations of our products together with our salon skin treatment services had helped restored confidence back to countless clients throughout our history. From acne, pigmented to aging skin, we provide the appropriate solution to address individual needs.

With our comprehensive range of products and services to address individual needs, the company’s target market consists of a wide range of people, starting from the late teens all the way up to the 60’s age group.  

The company’s operations include wholesaling, marketing, retailing, providing classes for knowledge on beauty and treatment services as well as research and development (R&D). Great emphasis is given on R&D as a whole to improve and update on the latest treatment services skills and to design break through products to complement the ever-growing beauty industry.

We contrive to build our very own result-oriented combination of products and salon skin treatment techniques with international recognition and to see that more people will live with a better skin and wellness.