• Skin Renewal Serum

Skin Renewal Serum

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Skin Renewal Serum

Induces skin peeling to remove accumulated dead skin cells on the surface. Thus the fresher new skin underneath is brought to the surface. Works to brighten the overall skin complexion and smoothen acne scars and fine lines. Enhances skin clarity, maximises nutrients absorption and brings dull, tired skin to life.

For a fairer skin result it is best to pair with our Skin Brightening Serum, click here to understand more!


Step 1:

Skin Renewal Serum 
To be used once only at night. Wash face and dry. Apply on entire face. Repeat once each night and stop using when skin begins to peel. Peeling may occur within 2 applications. Avoid direct sunlight during treatment and when skin is peeling. Avoid eye area.


Step 2:

Skin Brightening Serum
To be used day and night. Apply on the entire face, massaging gently to encourage circulation and absorption.


Nett Weight 10ml
Suitable For Skin Type All Skin Type