• EE Skin Essence

EE Skin Essence

RM189.00 MYR

Previously Name as Skin Enlivening Essence

Detoxifying Formulation

An Essence made from natural botanical extracts helps to nurture skin damaged by excess make-up, such as foundation and face powder. While boosting nutrients and balancing moisture absorption, Skin Enlivening Essence also sedates over-active oil glands. It helps regulation skin metabolism and balances skin pH.

Main Ingredients:

    Callendula Extract

Contains natural antiseptic properties, callendula functions to disinfect, moisturise and soothe skin. Helps to prevent skin irritation.


   Witch Hazel Extract

Functions to reduce inflammation and promote wound healing effect, contains antibacterial and anti-oxidation effect which prevents blackheads and whiteheads from developing.


   Chamomile Extract

Functions to improve dull skin and slows down the stimulation of foreign substances against the skin, reduces skin inflammation and soothes irritated skin.


If you would like to first try out this product, we recommend you to get the 10ml here

Wash face with One-Step Deep Cleanser and dry. Apply a layer of Skin Enlivening Essence on the entire face as a protective shield before applying make-up or use it as a base with Figureline Skin Care to boost absorption day and night.


Nett Weight 30 ml
Suitable For Skin Type Oil/ Acne Skin