• GlutaPlus Buy 3 Free 1 Free Hand Sanitiser
  • GlutaPlus Buy 3 Free 1 Free Hand Sanitiser

GlutaPlus Buy 3 Free 1 Free Hand Sanitiser

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Strengthen you Immune System with Gluta-Plus!

Health officials around the world has declared that COVID-19 is on borderline pandemic. It is advised by the health officials that a stronger immune system can help to prevent the spread of disease, and made possible by taking more antioxidant.

Figureline GlutaPlus contains super antioxidant like Gluthathione, our body master antioxidant, and Vitamin C to act as first line of defense against free radicals and help you to strengthen your immune system to prevent COVID-19 infection!

What's more, GlutaPlus also helps you to achieve a fairer and brighter skin at the same time! Kill two birds with one stone with our GlutaPlus to protect your body and brighten your skin!

Fairer & Brighter Skin in Just 7 Days!

Needless whitening for a fairer skin, using all natural ingredients.


What happens to our Skin Everyday?

Exposure to Ultraviolet Light

UV Lights sends radiation to our skin, which eventually breaks our natural skin protection, more melanin is produced in our skin which causes a darker pigment in our skin.



Our skin starts to age at the age of 25, without proper care for our skin, fine lines and wrinkles will appear to be more prominent, pores enlargement, and skin tone will become more dull.


Lost of Collagen

Our skin says a lot about our lifestyle, irregular sleeping hours, smoking, unhealthy diet habit, and stress contributes to our loss of collagen.


Main Benefits:

Skin Whitening

  • Inhibits melanin production that causes darker skin

  • Reduces damage from the UV rays

  • Lightens freckle

  • Eliminates free radicles from our skin

  • Natural way for whitening without the need of needle injection


Regulates Digestion

  • Contains prebiotic for good bacteria in our intestinal tract

  • Enhances gut immunity system

  • Better nutrients absorption

  • Reduces blood cholesterol

  • Regulates insulin level


Strengthens Skin Collagen

  • Improves skin elasticity

  • Helps mature skin to built lift and firming cushion

  • Minimises pore size due to aging

  • Stimulate cell metabolism

  • Restore skin hydration to make skin appear pulp.


Unit Item In Box 20 sachets
Nett Weight 15g per sachet

Active Ingredient: GCGTM , Ascorbic Acid, Marine Collagen Peptides, Mixed Fruit Berry Juice Powder
Suitable For Skin Type Dark & Dull Skin



Figureline Instant Active Hand Sanitiser is a hospital grade sanitiser that kills 99.99% of bacteria without water. Contains more than 70% denatured alcohol that This instant formula dries instantly and its rinse free that is perfect to use whenever you are on the go when hand wash is not an option. A convenient size that fits perfectly in your bag and pocket whenever you are on the go. 


Do you know that 80% of the common infections are spread through hands? More so when your hands are damp and wet when the germs and viruses are more prevalent for them to breed. 


Directions of use:

Place sanitiser onto your palm and rub with both hands including the back and fingertips at least 20 seconds until dry.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised that using hand sanitiser with at least 60% and rubbing the had briskly for at least 20 seconds to effectively get rid germs and bacteria.


It is important to practice hand hygiene whenever you are on the go during this epidermic, protect yourself and your family by constantly practicing hand hygiene. We wish you a good health!


Nett Weight 60ml
Suitable For Skin Type All skin types