• Calo-Rid FREE Cell Care Booster Cream x MYCYBERSALE

Calo-Rid FREE Cell Care Booster Cream x MYCYBERSALE

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Block up to 58% fat & 54% carbohydrate from absorption to your body and eliminate water retention. It all started with 1 sachet.

Calorid is the perfect slimming drink that is designed to help you to naturally lose the extra inches in your body that you always wanted. No artificial ingredients is being added in the supplement drink. Losing weight healthily is no longer farfetched!

As the name suggest, this supplement helps you to reduce calorie intake by blocking fats and carbohydrate from digesting and storing into your body, and also eliminate water retention to remove excess water storing in your body.

Calorid, more than just a slimming drink. Each sachet is packed with numerous benefits to meet your slimming needs.

Main Benefits:

Block Fat & Carbohydrate Absorption

Product contains Brown Seaweed Extract that inhibits main digestive enzymes, lipase & amylase from breaking down fats and carbohydrate, thereby reduce calories intake and inhibits absorption of extra fats & sugar (broken down from carbohydrate) stored into the body.


Eliminate Water Retention

Cacti-Nea™ is packed with antioxidants, diuretic & detoxifying properties that functions in eliminating excess water from your body without compromising mineral loss.


Prevent Insulin Spike

Contains slow release carbohydrate that helps to lower blood glucose level and insulin release, it also helps to promote fat utilisation and energy supply.


Fight against Free Radicals

This drinks is high in antioxidant which includes numerous Berry Fruits, Cacti-Nea™ & Green Tea Extract that is responsible to fight against free radicles. 


Promote Satiety

High in dietary fibre which are fruits and vegetables that are hardly broken down by our body, which helps to prolong the digestion in our body.


Promote Healthy Stomach

Our stomach contains friendly bacteria (probiotic) to promote digestion, they need love too! Calorid contains prebiotic which is food for probiotic that are able to pass through GI tract undigested which will be able to absorb the nutrients for growth stimulation.

Unit Item Per Box 20 Sachets
Nett Weight 5g per sachets
Ingredients Mixed berries juice powder, Lemon juice powder, Isomatulose, Galacto Oligosaccharides, Cacti-Nea, Cactus Fruit Powder, ID-aIG Brown Seaweed Extract, Green Tea Extract, Sucralose, Yeast Chromium



Cell Care Booster Cream acts to stimulate the cells own regenerative processes. Reprograms the skin's aging process to hasten cell renewal, accelerate skin healing and is responsible for the youthfulness and health of our skin.



Use twice a day, in the morning and night, after cleansing. Apply on entire face, preferably by massaging gently in circular motions until cream is fully absorbed into skin.


Nett Weight 30g
Suitable For Skin Type Wrinkle/Aging Skin, Dehydrated/Dry Skin