• Box of 50 Face Masks & 2 Hand Sanitisers
  • Box of 50 Face Masks & 2 Hand Sanitisers
  • Box of 50 Face Masks & 2 Hand Sanitisers
  • Box of 50 Face Masks & 2 Hand Sanitisers
  • Box of 50 Face Masks & 2 Hand Sanitisers
  • Box of 50 Face Masks & 2 Hand Sanitisers
  • Box of 50 Face Masks & 2 Hand Sanitisers

Box of 50 Face Masks & 2 Hand Sanitisers

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Flatten the curve. Face masks have been shown to be make a difference, and are used all the time around the world against pollution and for health reasons, and have been worn even more often recently as an additional barrier against the virus. 

Wearing them raises your level of protection, alongside everything else you do to improve hygiene. Every mask has three non-woven, BPA-free layers that are designed to act as particle, droplet and dust filters. 

Why wear a face mask: 

  • Disposable Face masks: All 3 layers help to protect against transmitted droplets, dust, pollens, pollution. Disposable for greater hygiene.
  • Allergen protection: Filtering, melt-blown PP mask fabrics and an added inner layer for comfort. High grade non-woven materials to trap micro-particles and pollution.
  • Stay healthier - effective in environments to assisting in protecting your mouth and nose from droplet transfer
  • Form fitting nose piece allowing for a better, more comfortable fit
  • Protective barrier against bacteria carrying droplets, splattering liquids, allergens, foreign particles.
  • Comfortable ear loops hold the face mask in place for a better fit. Cover your nose and mouth daily.
  • Keep droplets away. Covers your mouth, nose, chin providing great protection.


Each mask consists of 3 filtering layers:

  • Outer layer of hydrophobic non-woven fabric - keeps all droplets out.
  • Middle layer of meltblown PP filter.
  • Inner layer of soft, comfortable non-woven fabric.


 Units per box 50 pcs
 Material  Non-woven Fibre Fabric


Figureline Instant Active Hand Sanitiser is a hospital grade sanitiser that kills 99.99% of bacteria without water. Contains more than 70% denatured alcohol that This instant formula dries instantly and its rinse free that is perfect to use whenever you are on the go when hand wash is not an option. A convenient size that fits perfectly in your bag and pocket whenever you are on the go. 


Do you know that 80% of the common infections are spread through hands? More so when your hands are damp and wet when the germs and viruses are more prevalent for them to breed. 


Directions of use:

Place sanitiser onto your palm and rub with both hands including the back and fingertips at least 20 seconds until dry.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised that using hand sanitiser with at least 60% and rubbing the had briskly for at least 20 seconds to effectively get rid germs and bacteria.


It is important to practice hand hygiene whenever you are on the go during this epidermic, protect yourself and your family by constantly practicing hand hygiene. We wish you a good health!


Nett Weight 60ml
Suitable For Skin Type All skin types